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General Tire

GENERAL TIRE is the US tyre brand that is manufactured by Continental. Their fantastic 4x4 tyre products are a huge success in Europe, particularly in th UK where they present excellent value for money. General 4x4 tyres are branded 'Grabber' to denote their off-road pedigree, but the latest high performance on-road tyres are among the best you could possibly fit to a 4x4 

General do a range of car, van and 4x4 products :


ALTIMAX COMFORT - The new Altimax Comfort is a reliable partner for a comfortable quiet drive. This asymmetric product has an innovative composite technology for high performance and a long service life. The Altimax comfort benefits from various technical features including the legendary replacement tyre monitor[RTM], the visual Alignment indicator[VAI], twin cushion tread compound[TCT] and acoustic modulation sound technology[AMST] to reduce road noise.

ALTIMAX SPORT - The Altimax Sport guarantees precise steering response and safe driving on all challenging conditions. The Sports new asymmetric tread design with innovative silica compound helps reduce fuel consumpion and allows the opportunity for high mileage. Like the Altimax Comfort the sport benefits from the [RTM] [VAI] [TCT] and [AMST]


EUROVAN 2 - Developed for the highest demands of transporters and vans, by means of its highly developed tread, the Eurovan 2 acheives high mileage and powerful traction. The tyre tread structure enhances braking performance and handling on dry roads and in curves. Tread grooves in the shoulder reduce noise and heighten ride comfort. The flat tyre contour ensures even wear and extends life. An additional rubber layer in the scuff prone area of the sidewall protects against kerb scuffing and therefore prolongs the life of the tyre.


GRABBER GT - The Grabber GT is a worthy successor to the legendary UHP. its asymmetric pattern design with closed and massive shoulder blocks including 3D sipes offers outstanding handling performance on dry and wet roads. General has introduced their monitor technology including [VAI] and [RTM].

GRABBER AT - The General Grabber AT is as technological masterpiece, which has been tested off road under the toughest conditions. Features include offset centre & shoulder blocks with cut outs which offer high grip due to free & interlocking block edges which in turn gives outstanding traction.

GRABBER MT - The Grabber Mud Terrain completes the 4x4 tyre range. these tyres are classed as POR [Professional off-road] and although they do not require EU labels they can be used on road. The tyre boasts an aggressive open tread pattern design including stone ejector ribs which guarantees a high level of traction and self cleaning capability. The differing block sizes n the shoulder assure interlocking with firm, loose and muddy conditions, delivering exceptionally high levels of traction in both mud and silt. 


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